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Mt. Hood in December

Hard to believe it’s been almost a year since I last updated the blog. After a very busy summer of biking (over 3300 miles this year!), it’s now time for ski season again.

Mt. Hood Meadows opened Thanksgiving weekend, and the last half of December has been marked by an impressive series of storms. By December 15, we had a 49″ base, and as of right now (December 27), it’s up to 107″!

It is really amazing to have over 100″ before January. Looks like it should be a great season!


Main Canyon at Mt. Hood Meadows from the Blue lift on December 8, 2012.


View of Mt. Hood from the top of the Shooting Star lift on December 14, 2012.


Beautiful view of the clouds below from the top of the Shooting Star lift on December 14, 2012.

Tuesday, December 18, was one of the best powder days I’ve ever had at Meadows. Waist-deep in many spots, and the snow just kept dumping all afternoon long. Hard to ask for anything better (well, maybe having Heather Canyon open, but that’s since been taken care of).


Deep powder day on December 18, 2012.


Untouched powder (waist-deep in many areas!) on December 18, 2012 (untouched except for me!).

I can’t wait to get out there for some more!